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Cleaning Routine for Home with Pets

Do you like animals but they generate cleaning conflicts for you? When you're new to pet care, the routine of daily cleaning and maintenance of your home can be difficult. Today at the cleaning company we will teach you the habits that you must acquire and the simple practices to follow so that you do not get more complicated than necessary. Pay a lot of attention! That new member of your family will also thank you.

Welcoming a new pet at home implies the execution of hygienic measures superior to those we normally handle. Pets are unaware of the dirt they can bring into bedrooms and other areas of your home as they play, feed, or take their daily walk.

Whatever his breed, it's clear he'll become a loved member of the family, and once you complete his initial education, you may never have to go through the recurring, foul, and strong odors in the various areas again. from your home

However, we want to facilitate the process by offering you simple practices that will make your life easier in terms of maintenance and cleaning of the different spaces in your house or apartment. Remember in the same way that if you find yourself in trouble you can count on our professional cleaning team.

Pay attention to your pet's health

This does not seem to be a suitable tip for home cleaning, but keep reading and you will understand the reasons why.

Most of the bad odors coming from your dog or cat are usually the representation of some failure in their body or the simple presence of parasites. Therefore, this means that if your pet is healthy, your home will be too. What points should you focus on? Here we mention it:


The type of food your pets receive is a key point. Try to supply him with natural products, recommended by his veterinarian; Free of chemical substances that can affect your digestion and be conducive to strong odors that will ruin the good appearance of your home.

constant brushing

By brushing it outdoors on a daily basis, you will be able to remove the hair and dead skin that is shed and many other particles that are lodged there, managing to optimize the care and hygiene of your spaces as well as causing your pet a moment of enjoyment and relaxation.

In addition to this, brushing it will allow you to detect the presence of parasites such as fleas or ticks that, when staying in its body, cause discomfort and exuberant itching. Which translates into a considerable increase in hair spread all over the surfaces and floors of the house.

Daily cleaning

Maintain a daily cleaning routine that allows you to collect stray hair, feces, and urine from your pets. You only have to add a period of 30 minutes to your to-do list to carry out this simple task that will incredibly reduce the accumulation of bad odors and dirt in your home, as well as generating a completely healthy environment for your whole family.

You can also pass a brush or use the vacuum cleaner, in order to collect the greatest amount of dirt particles caused by your pet in the different environments of the home.

Ventilate your home

Although it is true that incense and artificial flavorings help to give a special touch to your spaces. We recommend choosing a time a day when you open windows or doors to let fresh air flow into your home, you will notice the great positive effect that this will have on your cleaning routine, generating appropriate results.

Vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda are a natural cleaner specialized in neutralizing odors and disinfecting various surfaces. Among the tricks that we have at Home concept for you today, it includes it as an ingredient.

The popular mixture of vinegar with water and carbonate can be used to clean the floor and even to spray on furniture or other surfaces with which your pet has contact. You will be able to make any existing unpleasant odor disappear.


It is important to note that you need to constantly comply with a cleaning routine, because otherwise all the work will only accumulate and you can avoid major disasters with just 3 simple steps: sweep or vacuum, mop and aromatize.

Remember that if you let your pets climb on furniture, chairs or beds, you should pay close attention to these surfaces on a daily basis to shake them. And in addition to this, remove and wash the lines at least once a month to maintain a clean and pleasant environment for everyone in your family.

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